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Dec 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
from colorado. that's a jack russell terror whose name is jonah. he was on a walk with some owners and when he saw ducks he got loose from his leash and ended up in the middle of this partially frozen pond. >> that looks like really thin ice. >> he tried to walk back to where his owners were but he just probably became really scared and stopped trying so animal services came and as you can see special operation sergeant osbourne >> you never know when danger can just come up and bite at you. two young girls sitting at a park bench in sidney, australia, when that happens. >> it's an awning to a building nearby crashing down. if you look closely, the younger sister notices it first and pulls her older sister out of the way. she is a hero. >> she was quick too. she notices. she knew she had to get out of the way. >> talked to a few of the first responders. >> gust of wind on the shopping center and held her in the air. >> that thing has steel beams. >> that would have been deadly. >> the security camera shows a car pulling out of the way seconds before the roof comes crashing down. >> it'
Dec 30, 2012 11:30pm PST
of more they didn't get that many here though against the rams 13-0. russell wilson on the goal line. can't find a receiver, tuck and run as he had 250 yards and a couple of touchdowns. rams drive to the 29 with less than a minute to go but sam bradford picked off by sherman to seal a victory for seattle. seattle finishes with an 11-5 record clenching the fifth seed. i guess you can say there was truly only one true reason to watch the raiders this afternoon and that was to look at the first prostart for carol pryor and it was entertaining to say the least. the little glimmer, they probably should have done this weeks ago as he definitely added some energy. the chargers have early energy, michael spurlock takes the kick off untouched up the middle 99 yards down the sideline into the end zone. chargers take charge 7-0 early. the raiders trailing 10-0 when terrell pryor find bay dhb touchdown of 9 yards and it's 10-7. however charges now leading 17-7 rivers again exploits the secondary. alexander 34 yards. to their credit the silver and black fight back and it's pryor who delivers the
Dec 11, 2012 11:30pm PST
-old woman found lying on russell street bound and gagged and badly injured. >> the male victim appeared to have blunt trauma. the female victim also appeared to have blunt force trauma. >> reporter: reed died later that night. the young woman is in critical condition but is recovering. >> investigators followed up on leads that led them to a house in hercules, california where we took into custody five individuals. >> reporter: police arrested 31- year-old maelene lintz and montrail brackens on murder charges. and tiler miller and heather leach and maryann manalastas are charged with accessory to murder. >> it was established there was a relationship between the victims and suspects in this case. >> reporter: police aren't saying where the victims were beaten and shot or why they were left in this quiet neighborhood. >> motive is unknown it's part of the investigation process to try to determine what exactly happened with the motive. >> reporter: we asked to speak to the suspects being held in jail but all of them declined an interview today. in san francisco, david stevenson,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3